Have Questions? We have Answers!


What is a Mirror Booth?

A mirror Booth is unlike most photobooths you've ever seen. It simply looks like a full length mirror, but comes alive once you tap the screen! You will see your reflection and easy instructions. Once you take a photo you will be presented with options to sign, add emojis, print, etc.


Why choose our Mirror Booth?

It is a completely new experience for most people and always receives great reactions from guests. Our mirror both is a simple way to ensure your event is a memorable one.


What is the picture quality like?

We take great pride in the high quality photos our booth creates! Hidden behind the smart glass is a DSLR camera, connected to a studio grade flash and a professional photo printer.


Why do we have a flash?

The wide range of different venues creates all sorts of lighting conditions that make it difficult to capture a great photo. Using a studio strobe flash we are able to control our lighting and make sure we get the best possible photos.


How big is the Mirror booth?

The photo booth unit is 62" Tall and 32" wide.


What are the requirements to have a Mirror Booth?

All you need is a flat indoor surface, a dedicated wall outlet, and a space at least 10' by 10'.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver our Mirror Booth across the GTA.  However, if you have a venue outside the city limits we can still accommodate you, but a delivery surcharge will apply.


What size photo prints are available?

We are able to print 4x6 or 2x6 strips.


Can I get copies of the photos after the event?

After your event all your photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery. We will send you a password to view or download the photos. If you prefer, we could also provide the photos on a USB for an extra fee.


Do you provide a background?

A background will be available for an extra fee, although they are not required. A clean wall will work perfectly fine, or nothing at all!


Can the Mirror Booth be setup outdoors?

In some situations yes, but we will need more details of the exact location. Most important is a flat solid floor, cover from direct sun, shelter from potential rain, and a power outlet.


Do you always send an attendant with the Mirror Booth?

Yes, we need to do this in order to give our clients the best experience. There maybe be times when guests have questions about the operation of the booth, the printer paper maybe need to be refilled, or tweaks made to produce better photos.


How long does it take to set up?

We like to give ourselves 1 hour of setup time to allow for proper calibration, configuration of camera settings. This also leaves a buffer,  should we encounter any issues.


Can I extend the rental time on the day?

Yes, however the payment must be made before extended time begins.